Congrats on the new business win.

Sure, your team can handle the workload, but isn’t it strong client relationships that truly secure the future?

Client Relationship Management

Congrats. Your agency finally won the hard-earned pitch with a stellar proposal and presentation. Soon, the onboarding process will begin.

Yet, you have your worries. Your senior people can’t possibly be engaging the client on a daily basis, and as an agency leader, you need to devote your time to building the business to “keep the lights on”.

It only makes business sense to have the managers and executives run the day-to-day client relationship management. Yes, they will get the technical job done for sure. But it’s the relationship building and craft that will gain trust that is needed to make the work go smoothly.

This is where I come in to shape your team into client servicing rockstars.


Mastering the human touch underscores the importance of client relationship management

Account Management isn’t rocket science.

But why so often do you eventually hear these statements from your client that you worked so hard to win:

“When can you let me know? It’s been so long”

“I don’t think you are suitable to handle our work.”

“Can I please speak with your boss instead!?”

“Postman service of just passing message!”

The key is building trust through personalized interactions, incorporating best practices for effective client relationship management. This includes choosing the right mode of communication, be it email, calls, or meetings. These soft skills, crucial for effective client relationship management, are as vital as your big ideas.

With a busy schedule, who will teach and uphold these practices?

Here’s just a taste of what I can do

I’ll break down why the relationship starts from day 2.

I’ll guide your team on real world pitfalls that no textbook will provide.

I’ll coach them towards winning the client over in a strategic way.

The Client IS the Campaign.

If You Have It, Flaunt It

In more than 20 years in the advertising industry, I’ve learned that the importance of client relationship management cannot be overstated. Knowing the client personally matters as much as understanding their business. One early mistake, like giving a lactose-intolerant client a dairy coffee, taught me the importance of reading between the lines and grasping unsaid expectations. This highlights the significance of a sound client relationship management strategy. I aim to bring this balanced perspective to your team, preparing them for the nuances of client relationships and instilling a strategy that recognizes the critical importance of effectively managing these relationships.

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Client Feedback

Our proudest moments at Client Servicing 101 are reflected in the success of our partners. Dive into their firsthand experiences and discover how our tailored approaches have transformed not just their client interactions but also the trajectory of their businesses.


    Founder & CEO

    Seeing our team engage with clients like they're old friends – that's when I knew we'd taken our service to the next level.


      Managing Partner

      Our approach to client relationships has evolved. It's more personal, more effective, and our client loyalty stats are the proof.



        We've always been good with clients, but this year, we're great. It's all about the subtle art of connection, and we've mastered it.



          I've watched our junior staff lead meetings with the confidence of veterans. It's a new era for us in client relations.


            Chief Executive

            The change isn't just in our numbers; it's in every 'thank you' we get from clients who feel heard and understood.


              Senior Account Manager

              Our team's ability to anticipate client needs has become almost intuitive. That's the kind of service that gets you referrals.


                Account Director

                The rapport I have with my clients now is night and day from last year. We're not just working for them; we're working with them.

                You already know how important the business is to you, don’t waste it.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Understandably, many courses focus on acquisition, but our specialty lies in what happens next: deepening and sustaining client relationships. This is where true agency growth lies, often overlooked in the busy agency environment.

                It’s crafted for those at the frontlines of client interaction – executives, managers, and new hires. As agencies often rapidly scale to meet client demands, consistent and high-quality client servicing becomes crucial for both new and seasoned staff.

                In the fast-paced agency setting, senior staff are often stretched thin across multiple high-priority tasks. Our program takes the weight off their shoulders, providing focused, expert training in client servicing, which is often sidelined in the day-to-day rush.

                We focus on universal client servicing principles that apply across all agencies, tailoring our approach to fit your unique culture and values. This ensures your team’s skills are enhanced without the need for specific account details.

                Each one-hour session is designed to fit into the hectic schedules of agency professionals, ensuring vital training in client servicing without disrupting essential daily work. This approach respects the time constraints while promoting steady skill growth.

                Agencies can expect an uplift in team’s client interaction skills, leading to stronger client retention and satisfaction. This translates to long-term stability and growth, as well as savings in internal resource allocation and training.

                Yes, participants will receive a certification, which not only recognizes their skill enhancement but also serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence in client servicing.

                Our tailored fee structure is designed to match your specific needs. Begin with a ‘Client Strategy Session’ call where we delve into your agency’s unique challenges and goals, paving the way for a transformative client servicing journey.

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